Our company is a licensed international corporate service provider in Seychelles and acts as a registered agent for Seychelles companies. We have the following licenses:

  • International corporate services provider;
  • International trustee services provider;
  • Foundation services provider (registration and maintenance of private foundations).

Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions (Seychelles)

Terms and conditions for foreign regulated persons (Seychelles)

Offshore companies

We form companies in the countries that are most frequently used in international tax planning: offshore jurisdictions, European and Asian countries and some others. The long-term partnership relations with the local registered agents in most offshore jurisdictions allow us to offer competitive prices and prompt services for our clients.

Our specialists provide professional advice on issues related to offshore and low-tax companies activities.

Registration and maintenance of Latvian companies (the European Union)

Our experts have considerable experience in registration of companies in Latvia, Latvian law, and knowledge of civil and tax law of the Republic of Latvia, and are ready to answer all your questions regarding organization and conduct of business in Latvia. You can register a company remotely or visit us in Latvia.

Accounting and audit

After company registration we are willing to provide it with the full accounting services, preparation of financial statements and tax returns in compliance with the international standards. We render accounting services for companies in Latvia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Cyprus and other jurisdictions (including offshore zones) using the resources of our own accounting department without engaging intermediaries. 

Where necessary we prepare a company for audit procedures, engage and communicate with a licensed auditor.


Our company has partnership agreements with a considerable amount of banks specialized in provision of services to offshores and international companies. This means that in most cases it is enough to visit our office or meet our staff and execute all required documents in order to open a bank account.


We operate on the terms of full confidentiality. Information on a client is kept on servers located in the Republic of Latvia and is not disclosed to third persons. Personal information of a client may be accessed a narrow group of people responsible for support of the project of a certain client. All employees of our company sign non-disclosure agreement.

Our team

Our experts (lawyers and accountants) have years of experience in international tax planning, tax optimization with use of non-residential structures, law and accounting.

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